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Have you ever eaten a typical Madura duck in tents or on the side of the road? If you have, you should be quite familiar with the black seasoning / item seasoning / ireng seasoning that is sprinkled on the duck and rice so that it makes it savory and keeps adding rice hahaha!

Now, this time DonnDonn is releasing a new flavor variant, namely BUMBU ITEM typical of Madura. It tastes really tasty and has a spicy sensation too!

For those who are curious about what it's like, cusss, you can order it right now!

Happy adding rice until full!

Black Seasoning / DonnDonn's Special Madura Duck Seasonings are made from selected ingredients and do not contain preservatives. This Madurese special black seasoning is very suitable when combined with various types of food, such as fried chicken, fried duck, fried year, etc. This Madura Duck Seasoning can be a friend to eat when there is a lack of appetite

This Madura Duck Typical Black Seasoning is dominant with a spicy savory salty taste made from freshly selected chilies added with other spice ingredients used to make the onion chili smell fragrant and fresh.

Sambal Bottle Durability:

1. Lasts 15-30 days at room temperature, 2-3 months in the refrigerator

2. Use a clean spoon to take the chili rather than mix it with other foods that can cause staleness.

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