Agarpac Pure Instant Agar - 10 Plain Sachet

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Jelly to drink while warm?

It turns out that the optimal benefits of fiber.

How Warm Gelatin Works in the Digestive Process

– The nature of the base / alkaline Agar-agar relieves stomach acid which is naturally produced from the digestive process of food. Defuse bloating and heat in the way a fire extinguisher puts out a fire. On regular consumption, it will protect the stomach wall from erosion by excessive stomach acid. Agar-agar can also expand in the stomach to give you a longer feeling of fullness.

– Agar-agar fiber is able to bind sugar and bad fats which will reduce their absorption into the blood. This research is proven in the journal Prof. Tochibuko Osamu from Yokohama University. Which makes Agar-agar/Kanten (Japanese for agar-agar) as a therapy to reduce the risk of high blood pressure in diabetics.

– Agar-agar functions to clean digestion including dirt crust which causes ulcers on the intestinal wall / Diverticulosis. Also in the large intestine, fermented agar produces butyric acid which can inhibit the growth of abnormal cells. Up to regular consumption, fiber can prevent cancer.

– In contrast to jelly and gelatin from animals, agar-agar has a unique property, namely SINERESIS, which can make agar-agar turn into water again. So it's good for keeping the body moist from the inside.

– Agar-agar/Kanten is the secret of healthy, slim, smooth, clean, youthful and longevity for the Japanese people.

AGARPAC. Pure agar is simply brewed with a hot water dispenser, drunk while warm or mixed into hot drinks/food with soup.

Swallow Globe Brand's offering for Indonesia is healthy with the wealth of our seaweed, which is cultivated, processed and marketed by the country's own local farmers and workers.

Flavor variants: Plaint & Ginger

The serving size is 2 grams per pack

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